Saturday, 17 October 2009

a gathering of tastes, smells, friends and fun in honour of our dearest hannah

what a title!
this friday brought with it the eve of my dearest hannah's sweet sixteen birthday weekend, to celebrate this monumental offering we gathered as many of our clan that were free and bundled hannah off to a chinease restaurant, we liked that it was an all you could eat buffet, we spent the evening eating and abiding to our merriment, we played tricks on each other, (like hiding outside-no one noticed!) and trying to guess the name of the cute boys that frequented the buffet, we did this by shouting out a million different names until they turned round, and accasionly giving up and asking them (big shout out to tom!)
we met schoolfriends, tamed jess' kinda afro hair (well i did, ure looking hot jess!) and made so much noise hannah's mutti susan had to come and beat us down so as the ceiling didnt cave in, we unsucsessfuly tried to conceal a cake from hannah who knew exactly what we were doing but suspiciously our normal mundane candles which were not purchased at a joke shop kept on relighting themselves firstly about 2 minutes after we had blown them out and then the same two relit themselves about 16 times, unfortunatly we made some enemies in these laughter scream filled minutes, apparently the other diners didnt appreciate us screaming, we saw to them. so now on the eve of hannahs 16th birthday i want to say these things, "i love you and you have nice legs" more of that inspiring birthday message to come tomorrow,
until next time my sweethearts,

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KT Darling. (L) said...

hannah we all love you and this nice speech by our good friend madsta shows why !
hope you got everything you asked for i love you forever KT darling ;)

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