Wednesday, 7 October 2009

evil eve's new look

Evil Eve, (endearing family nickname for my lil' sister eve) was taken in hand by mineself this past weekend, famous for being the scruffiest, most ungroomed stimpson sister, (i say sister very loosely as you really have to be a girl to be someone's sister, eve barely qualifies) my parents demanded she accompany me on my various wanderings to the shops with my hannah, i was in a grump, however we finally headed out the door to the shops, before we left my dad had a word with eve and told her she was not to cause a fuss and instead had to try on everything i told her and that she was only allowed to buy things i had pre-approved, i felt a bit like the queen, so, in these recession filled times we headed to primark and new look, to be economical you understand, i was utterly impressed with my bargain hunting, i feel eve's transformation from football tops and too big tracksuit bottoms and greasy hair to this check-tunic legging babe was smooth, however getting her to consistantly wear them is more of a lifetime type mission, my favourite moment was the hissy fit she had about wearing leggings, it went something like this,
"i hate them! they're itchy and annoying and uncomphy!"
and various curses, however i forced her into a pair and she sheepishly had to admit that they were not only so comphy they felt like a second skin but were flattering and casual, so just call me Gok, cus i'm that good,
until next time my sweethearts,


Hannah said...

Aw she looks great!! I love that checked shirt. Maybe you have a future job here Gok, I mean Maddy lol :P

PS I finally figured out how to get my comments to post yay!!

madsta said...

score! now we can comment convo! btw i cant wait to read more about chiara! x

KT Darling said...

awww gusgus, eve look soooo good =) i lurvvvv the new look :)
loveya ! kt darling.

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