Sunday, 18 October 2009

a birthday essay devoted to my ultimate sweetheart, hannah dearest,

hannah, i pride myself on being fabulous, you make me fabulous, a madsta without a hannah is like jordan without fake tan, unnatural, scary and plain wrong, so on this crisp autumn morning you turn 16, you beat me into the world by 168 days, (it took me ages to work that out and i did not use a calculator, you mean so much to me i did extra maths) your sparkly and shiney and an absoloute genius, you know just what you need to do to help me understand the incessant lectures of our teachers, your most likely going to be the one of us to find a cure for cancer and i am damn sure you will travel the world with your band of merry men, if i could pinpoint all the things i love about you it would be my birthday by the time i finish, so instead i shall list my favourite three,
1. you always smell really nice,
2. you listen easily and answer with a clear perspective,
3. i think of you as the "grown up" of our clan however i suspect underneath you are a rebel secretly plotting your world domination plans not to be foiled by the likes of MI5,
you are my oldest dearest friend and i love you like a sister, so hannah i wish you a very very happy 16th birthday on this day, 18th october 2009,
love always,

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