Tuesday, 29 September 2009

work experience, day two...

you better believe me an blondie made this

we walked this mischevous pup, or she walked us

i leave you with the image of blondie in the cold room

alas, today was far superior two its predecesor,
it began with a delivery of flowers, we were shown the cold room (a giant but dissapointing fridge for it was not filled with food but with flowers) it was like a flower massacre, stems lying everywhere i was given my first floristry task, i was to arrange long stemmed orange flowers into vases, blondie soon joined me, however hers turned out...interestingly and mine turned out...amazing, (why hold back when your that good?) blondies were put in the fridge for a drink whilst mine were displayed (along with blondies second go but who's counting?) we were much promoted this morn, with tasks such as going to buy lunch ingredients for the shop workers, being ALLOWED to go on topshop to "fill up time" playing with the florist hilly's gorgeous dog lilly, minding the shop, going to get change, getting flowers from the fridge and taking the dog lilly for a walk, we felt very important as we clocked off early!

until next time my sweethearts,


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