Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sometimes my girlies and i have to go out.we were less than our usual selves this week, so we decided to decamp to base, my house, after school on friday and head out to our favourite haunt, pizza express for food, chitchat and general merriment, after the lovely waitress finally got us seated without an apology for the wait under some blindingly hot lights we ordered, us girlies, my kt darling and blondie and i, we were feeling melancholy, after spending three hours getting ready for what in actual fact was just an intimate meal out between friends, we were getting our moneys worth, and intended to eat and drink until our hearts content, i had scalded my fingers with my heated rollers, lost an eyelash curler, and a lip tint (i'm still mourning that one) but alas we had made it to the restaurant in one piece, looking swauve in each others clothes, we pondered through the aquard silences and giggled at the people around us, namely the teenage boy listning agog to our conversation, when we got in we wriggled into our jimjams and settled down for a night in with a DVD, kt darling was asleep before 1am, me and blondie chatted until the wee hours,
until next time my sweethearts,

**photos curtosy of myself, blondie and kt darlings snaps, on kt darlings camera**

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