Tuesday, 22 September 2009

the seasons changing

  the magic of last years snow day, guess what im hoping for this year?
this morning i woke up with my first cold of the cold season, it had been threatning all week and finally i succumbed to its calls,
i could not have felt, make that feel, any worse, i sniff constantly and have a drowsy head and sore throat to round it off nicely, however bad i may feel in theory in practice i am secretly just a little bit thrilled, for a cold means the onset of winter is upon us, winter is my favourite season, i am a traditional country girl at heart, all i desire is a blanket of snow, which i can watch from my window, drinking hot chocolate and wearing my woolens, in a few minutes we shall mark the first day of autumn, it could not come soon enough,
so despite the obligatory cold and flu the cold season brings with it, it also brings families together through its various celebrations, such as guy forks night (my big plans started evolving tonight) christmas, (been prepared for that one for a while) and for all you folks who i envy that reside in the US, thanksgiving, and fnally halloween, i cant wait to make jack'o'lanterns and buy a new winter scarf,
so although right now my cold is making me feel like deaths partner in crime it brings me a small smile (in between sneezes) to know that it is just the beguinning of my favourite season, im off now to google guy forkes night ideas,
until next time my sweethearts,


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