Friday, 4 September 2009

school has resumed...roll on year 11!

woe is me, for the vicious cycle has begun again, we are back at school, indefinetly, who knows, this year i might learn profound things, discover friendships with the people i have known for years and merely surpassed, or i could create a cure for hangovers, scientific like, whilst all of these possibilities are possible i more than believe that i will end up repeating the same antics, the same friendships and the same averageness that followed me round last year, i could tell you i am waiting for a dark cloud to be lifted, but that would be a lie, i am happy for that to continue, i love my friends, i love my everything, so i am very happy, academically, im a gem, i really am, however this is a genuenly well kept secret from my teachers, im miss average, i am constantly being told by my english teacher that i should read the newspaper and more books to improve my literary language, she didnt ask whether or not i have read the daily mail for years or if i check the daily mail online at least three times a day for the latest news, whether if i read any more books i will spontaniously combust, so if i have me a goal it will be to take my academics more seriously, and i fully intend to, you know, in good time... on a lighter note i discovered today that the GCSE's i took early i passed, i now have me a great pass in science, in physics i got full marks, biology 1 off and the other two two off, so i am just a little chuffed, and a whole lot big headed, however the early starts are getting to me, in celebration of the summer holidays i had been making a point of not rising before at least 8am, at the absoloute earliest, so half past six was indecently early, i have never been so tired in my whole life, a day devoted to sleep is just what i need,
a big shout out for my kt darling for doing so well in her RE GCSE, you deserved it my luvlie umpa lumpa,
and blondie, but to be honest the A* were a forgone conclusion,
until next time my sweethearts,

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