Wednesday, 2 September 2009

my dearest eve is a teenager!

yesterday Eve turned 13, she is officially a teenager, dont worry we're all scared, i share a lot of things with eve, however unwilingly they may be, namely a room, in that room, we "share" a wardrobe, a floor, walls and accasionly i share my TV, dont say i'm not nice, so i think although we fight like cat and dog, we are quite close, Eve may disagree, so when she turned 13 yesterday, i was worried, 13 year olds arent as nice as 12 year olds, what if eve is dragged down with the rest of them!? so far she seems "normal" -if you have met eve you will understand, but i remain unconvinced, eve has seemingly been practising for her journey to teenagerdom for quite some time, she has nailed tantrums in one quick spin, for she learned from the master, yes tis i, a fully fledged convert to the teenager cult, i tease eve mercillesly, and she can rarely hope to keep a secret from me, im just too annoying, so only time will tell whether she goes over to the dark side, when eve became 13 yesterday i took her in hand and straightened her out, eve is desperatly sloppy, i suspect my parents stuck us together in hopes that some of my girliness would rub off on her, no such luck, so there she was looking, almost like a girl, for our first outing, we took the dear out to see G.I Joe, with channing tatum, which was great for me, and then headed back to pick up eves ICE CREAM CAKE! it was so awesome, when we got home after everyone had finished staring at it eventually the kitchen cleared, i entered a few minutes later to see the cake still sitting out i fished eve out and said "dont you think you should put the cake in the freezer?" she shouted back "why?" it was an ice cream cake! i ask you, the things she comes out with, once we had located olivia and found out whether the school had doomed her (only a little bit) we strolled leasurely to pizza express, eves dinner of choice, alex kept us amused and eventually we raced each other home (i won, eve cheated, i stil won) we broke open the ice cream cake, some of us had shared puddings in anticipation of this, and settled down for a night in with csi;miami,
eve, my darling sister, you are absoloutly my favourite little sister, and only but who's counting?! i hope you had a truly happy birthday and i cant wait to compare birthday posts this time next year to see how much you have grown (at 5'3ish your shaming the family name) love you lots my pale freckly one,
until next time my sweetheart-evil jeebils,


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