Tuesday, 29 September 2009

an apology, and a synopsis;

(the attractive necklace she is wearing is her medal, can you see now where i get my good looks from?)
My computor has been buggered this week, and alas that has been my shabby excuse for no posts, my dad needed some new material to read at work so galantly offered me the prestigious use of his own,
majour things you have missed on a need to know;
so sunday, after a whole week of training my mutti ran herself a half marathon 13.1 miles, why i hear you ask, just for general merriement and recreational purposes, 2 hours 13 minutes was her time, i am as proud as you are, as we were getting ready for church that evening my dad announced we were off out to to eat after, my family dont really do this on meadiocre sunday evenings so we were thrown and thrilled at the announcement, where did we go? i hear you utter, we hot footed ourselves over to zaza's italian in the high street it is the tiniest and most uneven little nook to form a restaurant i have ever come across, this along with its cute decor make it a most desirable destination, if you happen to be in the ruislip vacinity get yourself down there for a looksee, my mutti was late as always to get there when she did we celebrated her latecoming with a cheer and a look at her shiny medal, which now resides somewhere in the depths of Alex's room, food was ordered, (bad) jokes were shared, but mostly we managed to have an almost entirely non-confrontational evening and almost enjoiyed each others company, the breakthroughs are expected to keep on coming,
until next time my sweethearts,


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