Wednesday, 9 September 2009

9th of the 9th 2009 will doomsday occur?

Today is the 9/9/09 the world was supposed to end at 9:09 this morning, it is now 20:28 and i am still here, at least I think I am....
Every year these crazy superstitions are given the time of day, however how many of us secretly
Go to confession and say and extra prayer, just in case?
More than we think i suspect,
I myself am absolutely not sure about whether or not I believe in superstitions though the bible teaches us not to, let us consider the clues, I always always step on two drains for good luck and I always always skip the third, I punch someone (lightly) if they walk under scaffolding, and coincidentally I never do, so i suppose I am perhaps a little superstitious, however black cats do not bother me, so why on the 9/9/09 did I worry that the world just might end? the most part of the day, whilst i was at school was fine, not particularly bad, not particularly good, but I did get a moment just before 9am where i laughed with some of my classmates more than I have ever laughed with them, it was a memory I shall have for eternity, so how I ponder can something fun have happened on the day the world is due to end? I have come to the conclusion that the last chance for the world to end on this fated day will come in nine minuets at 21:09 and if I am still okay then I will never again fear the fated days such as these, so whether you are superstitious of whether you are not, be brave, live life and don’t let the world ending end your reign.
Until next time my sweethearts,

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