Sunday, 23 August 2009

wild night on the town (okay i lie)

so it wasnt much of a wild night on the town but it was fabulous none the less, almost the moment i arrived home from yorkshire with the family i was up to my room to refresh for a night with the girls, we were to head to the cinema then for a meal, but when does a plan ever run smoothly?, for my dearest hannah was due to arrive at half past five, however i called her in all of a panic at 4ish over what to wear and instructed her to come over and bring her wardrobe, indeed i discarded all options and lured her into a trap, you see i liked the dress she was wearing so i got her all excited by one of mine, tricked her into seeing what it would like on and pounced onto her discarded dress, indeed we came to a comprimise by wearing each others dresses (i have to be honest that hannah looked a lot nicer in mine than i ever have) when blondie and my kt darling arrived they were an hour late, i had forgotten about kt darlings tendancy for lateness and had not thought about the fact that she would drag blondie down with her, normally i would subtract about an hour from the time kt darling needed to arrive in order for her to arrive roundabout the regimented time and touch up her make up, silliness i know but i wont forget again, now as we had missed our film me and hannah had in the limbo time whilst the girlies were late come up with a new plan, which was to miss the cinema althogether, we felt it was much more inkeeping with the times in this recession crazed world we live in, we trotted up the road to pizza express in our ridiculously high heels (im looking at you blondie...and kt darling) afterwards the night was still young and so we went for a little jaunt bad bad things happened, me and blondie went on the run from kt darling in order to try and save our make up from her clutches, only to realise that with blondie in 6 inch lace up stilleto platforms and myself not much better it was a toxic mix, we brutally fell to the ground tripping over one another, im suprised that being out of it for a few seconds and grassstains and holey tights was our only consequence, we were minding our buisness when we met an unfortunate group of boys who threw stones at us and chased us, but we stood firm and refused to give them a reaction (well most of us did, yes my darling kt i am looking at you) eventually we settled at our favourite spot by a bridge and spent a delightful few hours chatting and met a lovely man with 5 HUGE dogs who was kind enough to let us stroke them and chat for a good 10 minuets, we have those kind of faces, it was just lovely,
until next time my sweethearts,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love this !!
yo write it soo goood :)
it was a wiked night, but i seriosuly thoguht you were dead and those cutiee dogs and meannnnn boys ! MEH.
iloveyou gusgus xxxxxxxxxxxxx
love kt darling xxxx

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