Wednesday, 12 August 2009

picnic in the park

today kt darling, tisha, tabitha and a new friend olly as well as mineself all headed off to the aquadrome, it is a big green, waspy, rainy riveree park in rickmansworth, we were intent upon having a picnic, that is exactly what we did, we gathered a bag of food, (each, so we could poole our resources) and drink and found a spot, a deserted field, a little off the beaton track, we settled ourselves down, being grown ups we had thought to bring a picnic rug see, but no one realised that it was about the size of a postage stamp, so we squidged close together on that, we spread our food and played the guess who i am game, then we got on the phone to a distant friend of tabs who we had never met and insisted upon him coming to the picnic, i will be honest a group that includes myself as well as the kt darling can be a daunting task for anyone as our personalities are so very overpowering that coupled with everyone else's often means we scare lone boys, however olly bravely arrived and seemed unfazed as i believe we are repeating the outing on friday...? we moved away from our picnic spot after an attack of wasps (persistant killer wasps you understand) and too a park jsut intime for it to bucket down with torrential rain, we huddled together on a giant spider climber, katie hung upside down for a while... we had two umbrellas and a cagoule, and a scarf, i had the scarf, olly announced, helpfully that he "likes the rain.." we all like the rain too, but from inside.
all in all a nice little day out, i like meeting new people.
until next time my sweethearts,

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