Thursday, 6 August 2009

bournemouth with my girlies july/august 2009

When we arrived in Bournemouth we did several things, we went to the beach,
we buried kt darling, in the sand, like you do, we think she was scared of us after that,
some of us got a tan, (me) some of us got a glow, (blondie) and some of us were burnt to a crisp, (kt darling)
I found a disguise, for when i am hounded by the paparazzi (as i commonly am) yes it is Madsta!
and............ we were absoloutly worn out, as you can tell...
we all put on pale make up (i tried to cover the radiating glow) and became glamazons, we challenged to 1940's, we all look pretty fine i must say,
some of us looked glamorous, some of us could not be in the picture because their zip broke, blondie worked that film star laugh,
but more than anything, me and my girlies stormed the sea front, bournemouth did not know what had hit it, we hit the beach, we stormed the shops, we made big holes in the sand, we buried kt darling, we got stuck in a big scary suckee hole in the sea with a surfer dude, luckily we got away okay in the end, no thanks to him, we got frozen on the beach when the heavens opened and we were hail stoned whilst in the water, we each bought a different coloured spade in which to dig whilst on our various escapades on the beach front, all in all bournemouth 2009 rocked and it was just fabulous to be there with my girlies.
post note: many thanks to Grandma Audrey and Grandpa Evan for having us to stay and keeping us fed and watered and taking us places, we all really appreciated it, thank you very much.

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