Monday, 31 August 2009

alex, from every angle

my favourite (and only) brother alex came shopping with me and hannah today, i have always proclaimed that i want a house full of children, after today i am sure that if i do happen to be blessed with a barrelfull of children they will each be assigned a cupboard until they grow out of the talkative, hyper, annoying and obsessive stage that has well and truly been embedded in alex, thankfully for me (and england, to be honest the universe too) he is gorgeous enough to just about get away with it, you see alex is very much a boy, he likes boy colours, mess, paint, toy soldiers, castles, swords, guns, dirt and mcdonalds (i induldged him) so three hours in endless girls shops, tried his (lack of) patience, however i have never been so exhausted by a shopping trip! i felt drained after it! as we skipped round the shops, my favourite moment was when me and alex were alone, waiting for hannah and i sweet talked alex into wearing my gorgeous new bow headband, what a darling!
so there you have it, alex from all angles, my gorgeous sister eve turns 13 in 29 minuets time so,
until next time my sweethearts,


mini said...

alex is real cute. tell your sis she is too young to wear a dress with such a huge neckline, its a pity she looks so sweet and then you glance and see her boobs spilling out all over the place{i hate to say this but its the only way to describe her,poor thing}

madsta said...

He is! but thats not my sister, its my friend hannah- I tell her all the time!

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