Wednesday, 1 July 2009

swine flu has found me

i assume we have all heard of swine flu,
at school everyone wants to get it so the school will be forced to combust (shut down)
not me.
i dont want to be another statistic, i want to be me, ask anyone i know and they will tell you, i dont want it, i have moved on from the swine flu 'craze' to be crushingly honest, so you can imagine my mixed feelings of horror and disgust when i was given this at the end of school today
'Staff Confirmed Case of Swine Flu
School not closing
The Health Protection Agency has been informed that a member of staff at St Joan of Arc
Catholic School has tested positive for influenza A type H1N1 (also known as ‘swine flu’).
The member of staff concerned is receiving the appropriate medical care and is recovering at home.
Following a risk assessment carried out by the Health Protection Agency, the local NHS Primary Care Trust and Local Authority, the school has been advised that no other actions are necessary and the school will remain open as usual.
The school is working closely with the Health Protection Agency, NHS colleagues and local authorities to monitor the situation.'
someone goes to all the effort of getting the damn thing and the school board doesnt even have the decensy to honour their good work and close the wretched thing!
you may have observed that this post is rather highly strung, prehaps it is to do with the persistant, and down right nasty hot weather, that reached about 31 or 32 degrees today, and maybe it is to do with the humidity that the heat brought with it, but i am not in the best of moods, i hide it well right?
to anyone out there who may or may not have swine flu,
i am not amused.
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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