Sunday, 12 July 2009

Paris......i have arrived!,

At around one this afternoon we arrived in paris
as i write these words i am sitting in my room with blondie and another girl, federica, after our arrival in paris we took the metro to our destination, between then and the twenty odd minutes our train journey took my purse was lost or stolen, i suspect stolen as suspiciously my bag was open, in my purse was, not only my banks cards and twenty sterling pounds but my 100 euroes for the trip, so i now have not a penny to my name, my bank cards were cancelled and we trudget to our hotel, it felt like a bad omen, despite being so poor i could barely afford to walk the streets we made our way to a big bar full of guadalopian dancers and music, it was utterly fabulous and as hot as the fires of hell, the dancers cleared the monumental dance floor and invited everyone to come and dance, we went nervous and giggling, it was the most fun i have ever had! We strolled to our restaurrant, not to awesome, and strolled round parks watching street bands, this evening has been a bit tricy, room stuff,
it about 2am so until next time my sweethearts,


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