Friday, 24 July 2009

Paris, le jour quatre, vers sa demeure attaché

wednesday was our last day in paris, we were to head home via the 6:14 eurostar train to london that evening, our last day in paris also turned out to be the best,
we were headed to montmatre, i thought we were to climb a big hill, apparently i was almost right, we got the metro and started walking, the roads were so steep they were practically vertical, then we reached some stairs, confused? me too, these werent your ordinary stairs, this was on the scale of 400 steps in an incredibly steep little alcove, about an hour after our beginning we got to the top, then we were lead to another set of stairs, but as a treat these were even longer and steeper, we had a well earned rest at the top, only then did i realise that was the hill, and we were at a busy tourist town, i loved it, it was a big cathedral surrounded by a bustling trade of painters and éventaires de crêpe buskers too, we were given hours of free time to stroll round, first things first though, me and my girls went to get lunch, we figured we would sample everything, so about an hour and 4 portions of chips, 4 chocolate crepes and 3 shared ice creams later we were at a loss for what too do, we decided to sunbathe, we got out blondies trusty sun lotion and settled down onto the bustling cathedral steps with ipods and sunglasses, ray bans, curtosy of lizzie, about an hour later we headed to some steps leading to a view all across paris, it was far better in my opinion that the eiffel towers, whichcould also be clearly seen, we enjoiyed a busker who was truly brilliant he was preseeded by a rubbish cuircus act who kept dropping his tricks and trying to pretend it was part of the act, a few hours later we were headed for home, except we werent, once we were in the departures lounge we hit the duty free and then waited and waited, all trains suspended, turned out their had been a fire on one of the paris trains of some such thing, attacking 700 meters of track, we sat on the floor, eating woffles, and eventually at around 10:15 i saw the dim lights of my house, mum was out, oli was out, everyone else was in bed, some welcome home but, who cares, i was home, to my messy room, to my empty fridge and too the english weather, england welcomed me home with a downpour of rain to show its appreciation of the madsta,
did my little parisian adventure sound like fun?
it was
any questions?
email me,
until next time my sweethearts, where i may well be reporting from bournemouth with my kt darling and blondie,

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