Friday, 24 July 2009

mon jour férié dans le jour de Paris deux!

on the monday we headed to the centre pompidou, a cultural centre full of art and an unwinding cavern of dullness, it looks quite cool and interesting i will grant you, but dear lord i have decided i am not into modern art! how can something so dull and pointless as a canvas painted entirely in 1 colour be classed as interesting and edgy modern art!? i do not understand the concept, truly it baffles me, after looking at one or two pictures me and blondie settled into chat with a lovely south african girl called ruth who was also bored of the art, and did not move ourselves until it was time to be counted like cattle and rounded up to head to the top of the building, with a 'magnifigant view of all of paris' yeah sure, a magnifigant view, one i would have preffered to look at on a postcard rather than a glass box, way too high of the ground for my liking. once i had my feet safely back on the ground we were given free time, where i discvered how many beggars there were to be found upon the streets of paris, izzy bought a dress, blondie a clock which she later discovered was a ticking clock and drove her insane, me and nadine, we bought lunch, nadine was robbed by a beggar, my friend megan had her chips stolen and i spent the whole hour telling beggars that, no i did not speak english so could not, unfortunatly buy into their con, then we headed to the off to the la cathédrale notre dame paris, what an awesome building, most of the pictures are lost in cyberspace too far for me to reach but i will put them up soon, swear,
we stopped off on the way home at l'lle st. louis for a berthillon ice cream, which we licked by the siene and then headed for dinner and to le bal des pompiers la villette, which was a big festival type thingymajig hosted by the firemen to celebrate bastille day, at about 11 local time we heade home, enough firemen for one day.
mon voyage le jour trois à Paris après bientôt, jusqu'à la fois suivante mes chéris,


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