Friday, 24 July 2009

le jour trois, beaucoup de déchirures,

so paris day three, the big one, assent of la tour eiffel, never. ever. again.
i have a secret,
i hate heights,
you can emagine my horror at being confronted with a bilding so tall and...high that i was expected to go up, i felt as though i had just been told i was to scale down the statue of liberty, unamused, the lift up was utterly horrific, i was soooo not going further than level two, a few of us scardycats stayed with mr schraam and the rest went all the way to the top, uuurgh! then we were told we were to take the stairs down, to 'enjoiy a leisurely view' yeah right, a minor panic attack i feel as i desended 1665 steps down to the floor, shaky legs and tears were all i could feel, i remember hearing a woman talk about her boyfriend proposing at the top of the eiffel tower, and can say with the upmost sinserity that if anyone ever dragged me back up the eiffel tower to propose to me i would promptly throw him off the top.
we ate lunch by the river and after about an hour of looking for a toilet we headed on a river cruise with les bateaux parisiens on the river seine, a bit dull but i have never been so happy to be on a boat, on the ground/water, by now i had heavily sunburned feet, with interesting tan lines from my flipflops and many blister plasters, which are still sticking even now, that night after what i can tell you was an untoched meal of fish and pasta, and caramel something we sat hungrily in the parc de la villette, enjoiying the drumming band, men smoking pipes and people letting off firecrackers in celebration of st bastille day, as the sun faded we enjoiyed our last night in paris, we were told to pack that night, sure, instead me and blondie waited until everyone was asleep and went to the lobby and i kid you not moved the black leather sofa suite to the other side of the wall, thus turning the entire seating area opposite and making the maids feel as though they were going mad, yep, it was my idea, how did you guess?
le jour quatre arrivée bientôt mes chéris,


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