Saturday, 25 July 2009

i a film buff!

this week i have seen a whole lot of films, so that my lovely readers know whether they are worth a look in i am going to give you my whole hearted opinion, click on the titles for the trailers,

1. harry potter and the half blood prince
this shall be a slightly biased review as i am the biggest fan ever in the whole world, i just love it, the film itself has a fantastic dark beguinning, which gets you gripped for the whole thing, it is fantastically dark but balances it with a fair dusting of outlandish humor throughout the whole thing, it is absaloutly fantastic and definetly worth a look, especially if you are a fan of fiction books, it borders on the dark side slightly, but is suitable for all ages so get on to the cinema! i might have seen it twice...

2.the proposal
this is a 12A and i have to tell you it is the most utterly hilarious film i have ever seen, just pure unadultarated humor, i guarantee whether you are male or female, 15 or 50 you will love this, since i saw it my mother, who though i wont reveal her exact age is in her mid to late 4o's (see mutti i am nice sometimes) and her friends went to see it, they thought it was the best film ever, i hasten to agree, it is very light hearted so for those of you out there who are real film buffs you might not think it has enough depth, i of course am very shallow as is everyone i know and we all agree it is utterly fantastic, might be going back.... hehe!

3. public enemies
this is a 15 and definetly ought to be, i am 15 and after 20 minutes spent trying to explain to the cashier that i am 15 but no i dont have ID we were in, it was the best action film i have ever seen, i know i appear to be a very posotive reviewer but hell, i like em! it has a whole lot of sudden shooting and i spent a lot of the time with my hands over my ears! however jonny depps portrayal of public enemy number one was utterly fantastic, it was moving and emotinal and gripping, there was blood tears, and for those of you out there who, like me love the classic dress of the 1930's onwards you will delight in the fabulous design of dresses marion cotillard indulges us in! definetly a keeper!

what do you think? do i, the madsta have a beurgoning career as a film buff? me thinks so too, know i must update my lovelies, tomorrow i am off to bournemouth with my lovly blondie and on tuesday i will be joined by the gorgeous kt darling, i cant wait!
like my new background? mee to!
until next time my sweethearts,


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