Friday, 24 July 2009

finally mon séjour magnifique à Paris!

la vue de ma fenêtre
i left for paris on sunday the 12th july at 8:00 am, my dearest father drove me and blondie to st pancrus international, just outside of kings cross, we met our group, went through a whole lot of searching, metal detectors and scanning and the humiliation of the border control officer giving me a funny look when he saw my passport picture, i will admit it wasnt one of my better looks but there you have it, finally after watching with a mixture of giggles and horror as a fellow traveller got searched we were through to the departures lounge, a whole lot of waiting followed, but finally we were boarded on our train on our 2 hour+ journey to paris! after a whole lot of ear popping we finally arrived, we gathered our bags and headed down to the metro station, we changed trains at stalingrad (ever been on the french tube? your not missing much let me tell you) and between there and port de la vilette my purse, whith 97 euro, and £20 sterling was stolen!!!!!!! dndndn! shock! horror! after getting over that bummer we headed to the hotel, okay, not tooo shabby i guess, later that day we headed over to explore the sprawling park surrounding the hotel, basically awesome, the heat too was fabulous, we headed to a bar/dancee club thingy, called le cabaret sauvage, where we watched a group of guadaloupian dancers, they were fabulous! they then invited the women to get up and dance, after a bit of umming and ahhing we obliged, it was the most fun i have ever had! later that night we strolled to our restarant, i hate to sound like a tourist but the foood was vile! never again do i wish to sample foreign cuisine! we headed back, an evening of laughter and giggles entailled, sneaking in and out of friends rooms when we were supposed to be sleeping, typical stuff, so far paris agreed with me.
la partie deux arrivée bientôt mes chéris!


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