Friday, 10 July 2009

The final countdown...

The countdown has begun, this time in two days i shall be in paris, i have never been abroad before i havent left the island of england, i have stepped over the boarder to wales but that is as far as i have been, we are to assend the eiffel tower, watch it being lit up by lazer displays, go to the notre dame and to the centre pompidu and up a big hill, oh and on the siene, i am possibly fit to burst with excitement! I am just a smidgn apprehensive about the train ride, we are going on the eurostar and it goes over 200mph! That is a whol e lot of speed! As i write these words i am babysitting, the kids, gorgeous though they are are having screaming contests, ir am off to crack the whip! Pray for me my luvlies, dont worry, i am sure someone has warned paris that the madsta is on her way!
until next time my sweethearts,


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