Monday, 6 July 2009

the awesomeness of the weekend

so this was my weekend,
on saturday i was heading over to watford with the girls, to shop for a few pieces for paris,
i purchased shoes and bronzer on my travels, later on we were headed for home, the next day my mutti's bestie auntie maggie came over, my dad is touring europe on the motorbike at the moment, seeing the sour mood we were all in she took us to pizza express in uxbridge and then to see the new transformers movie, with a whole heap of popcorn and sweets, it was the most fun i have had in soo long, the film is awesome, see the trailer here, i was mighty pleased to see that my phone is now famous as it was in the film! i liked leaving the house, i felt as though i had been sprung from a high security prison, when we go out as a family it is mainly highly stressful and infuriating but it was fantastic to have such a relaxed day, i wondered if i was eternally damned to the heat as we lunched, however i soon discovered that it was not to continue, as on the way out of school today i was soaked in rain, the weather over here is more and more vile by the day, i wonder how long i shall last, soon you will probably find me a shrivled up pod, unable to cope with the ever changing weather,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,


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