Tuesday, 9 June 2009

victory dance for the madsta!

so today i finished my 10 hour art exam! i am so happy, actually, that is a blase word, to much so for such a monumental acheivment, no i am eccentricly overjoiyed! much better, i drew a spooky skeleton style devil with a thunderous background standing on piles of bones and sculls and with glowing cupcakes woven through! it was on war and conflict and i was doing the devils temptations ect.... just fabulous! so i spent the day intertwined with some paintbrushes and am now comprehending just how to get eve to go away, my father has just announced he is off down to ye old watering hole, aka the pub and my mutti is off seeing calender girls on stage in london, looking just gorgeous might i add, so, as olivia is, more commonly than not, out, i am babysitting, i would like to note down just here that i am yet to be paid for my last babysitting stint, so i am alone now, with only the monsters for company, and this annoying green fly that has been following me round at school and home it seems forthe last two days! shocking indeed,
until the next time my sweethearts,


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