Monday, 1 June 2009

a typical day

today was average, yesterday was unusual, when my mutti arrived back from my grandmuttis house it was in a tow truck, she had broken the car, twice, today however i went to school, most likely failed a french exam and took a load of very silly pictures in science, no changes there then, and then i trudged home pondering my thoughts, i was feeling sad and philisofical, my father arrived home from wales, full of tales of his trip, as usual with our family the evening was all drama, cant a girl catch a break any more? i am hoping that tomorrow will be more exciting and less....sad?
until tomorrow my viviacious gorgeous sweethearts,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ohh gusgus,
im actually in love with ur blog !
i fink the pics are wiked !
utterly fab babe !
i love you madsta/gusgus/the father !
love KT Darling. :)

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