Friday, 12 June 2009

right round again

so today was the same old, same old, round and round just like normal, boring, funny, side splitting and crazy, i had lessons, i messed around, i learned, i laughed and whilst doing continual running in the bleep test in PE i came close to tears too, on my return from school, i came into contact with some positivley absurd and incredibly annoying little boys in eves class, let us just say i have never wanted to use violance more than the one time i cant. i just repeated over and over in my head, i am a catholic, i am a catholic, i continued upon my journey home and after what seemed like an eternity i arrived, tired and hungry, i felt that my hour long jouney had taken me years worth of mindly thought, make any sense to you? i am not sure it does to me either, once i arrived in my dwelling i was promptly told we were having homemade pizzas, yummy, then after a quick photo session i wandered up the stairs to my abode, where i am now informing you gentle people,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,


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