Sunday, 14 June 2009

my day with grandma maggie

it was 24 degrees today. fabulous.
we piled into the car and went off to visit my grandma, on arrival we headed straight for her kitchen for food and drink, which we ate whilst luxuriating in the garden in to midday sun, eve and alex raced, i sunbathed and grandma and mutti talked, once we were sufficiently sunned we headed off to visit my grandpa toms and great anutie josies grave, it is a gorgeous graveyard so it was less sad than it could have been, we just weeded and watered the flowers planted round the grave which made it gorgeous and then headed back to take my dearest grandmama to her house, which was nice as she brought us out ice lollies to sare but non the less an ice lolly is an ice lolly, when i got home i was off to bed for a while, as i am not feeling as fabulous as notmal and then out in the garden for an al fresco dinner, the perfect sunday dont you think? now i have lots of work to do and am trying to comprehend if it really needs doing and how long it will take me, sad indeed,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,


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