Wednesday, 24 June 2009

lazy blogger....lazy madsta

long time no blog!
i have been a lazy person of late, and in summation a lazy blogger, and for that i apologise, for i am truly sorry, i have had a whole heap of technical difficulties and cannot upload new pictures, which is driving me up the wall! as of late i have been bombarded with work, which as of yet i have failed to do, but there is no problem, as i totally intend upon doing so. hmmm, what did i do today? i went to school, i had science, need i say more on that? and then we had a fire bell, today was the year 11's final exams, every year this happens, and when this happens the whole school is rounded up to find the culprit, every year it is a group of year 11's excited to be finished with their exams, and every year the same thing happens, it is so booooring, i cant understadn how the teachers havent got clued up on it yet?! after that caffufal i headed home, made a mess and was basically bored out of my brain,
until next time my sweethearts,


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