Friday, 19 June 2009

how embarrasing for all involved

tonight me and my girls went out.
yes you heard me, we heaved ourselves out of our various worlds and towns and met together, school today was mufti day, where we get to wear our own clothes, and so our gathering was made easier by the knowledge that we already looked amazing, (well, for the mortals, i know i look amazing ALL the time, its pure genius) and so we met, juejjed our hair, yes that is a word, and a damn good one, and once make up was straightend and perfume applied we set off out the door, within 9 seconds of leaving the house, we were wolf whistled by a greying forty something man in a black car, we often seem to attract that kind of attention, it only heightened our giggly mood and so we set off for pizza express, pizza was ordered, laughs were shared, puddings were fought over and before we knew it we were counting out pennies and five peee's to foot our £40 pound bill, it is very light now so as we set of out of the restaurant we were free to stroll round, we headed to a mound of grass next to the library, whilst me and hannah sat down kt darling and blondie strolled down into a swamp, and then we headed over to our bridge, mine and hannahs, when i am a multimillionairess i am going to buy it and get a plaque put on it, but the story of the bridge is one that should be saved for another day, and so we sat and lay down on this bridge, occasionly talking to passers by and having a lot of fun with different accents, and as the girls were all being stolen from my house by their parents we were forced to head home, i love my girlies but there is only one thing i will say about the things we may or may not have done tonight; how embarrasing for all involved
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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