Sunday, 21 June 2009

my dad

i have just arrived back from a lovely fathers day meal,
today we gave my dad his present, it is the first year he has hinted for something and actually recieved it! it was a crazy CD, but he liked it, i went with my mutti to visit my grandpas grave, we left my valant father painting the downstairs toilet and headed out, upon our return we headed out to mass and to eat at zaza an italian restaurant, once all sufficiently stuffed we induldged in a quick photo session with my handsome dad but due to tehnical difficulties i could not upload them, i will try again tomorrow but for now i will leave you with a snap of me and my dad at alex's communion,
a message for my dad from the one and only madsta, or to my dad a long forgotten name, mablethorpe
i love you lots and lots, even when your really annoying and a bit of a git, your my dad so it is written into the code, i love you always and i hope you had a nice fathers day, the downstairs toilet looks nice,
love forever,
there you go, as sinsere as i get, love you dad,
until tomorrow my sweethearts, when i hope i will be able to share the pictures,


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