Friday, 26 June 2009

blogger turns 10; how i love my blog!

today i discovered that soon will be turning 10 years old,
this is my post dedicated to my dear young blog,
my blog came about after being inspired by the fabulous blogs i would read, especially nienie dialogues and CJane, i so wanted my own, my blog, though still a baby in the blogging world came about on the 12th April this year, easter sunday, my first post was exhilerating, i spent the next few days watching my blog views climb and climb, on my sisters birthday 1 month later not only did I celebrate 1 month of blogging but 100 blog views, in the three and a half months my blog has been alive i have learnt about some amazing people and what they use blogs for, like frankie who makes her own amazing vintage jewellery, and many many friends, its away to hone and tone my writing skills and keep a daily record of my life, i now totally understand the blogger buzz!
thankyou blogger,
and until next time my sweethearts,

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