Monday, 8 June 2009

art, french and chocolate cake

so today i was thrust into an art exam, i had planned a piece and set down ot work for five hours, and to top it off i have another five hours of art tomorrow, joy, and in the middle of that i had french, i would rather not go into detail about how badly that exam went, but lets just say my inspiration was dori, the fish from finding nemo, so then i went back to art, my final piece is a huge gothic devil with sculls and bones towering on the floor by its feet with cupcakes in between every few, it sounds ridiculous but it is supposed to show the devils temptation and conflict....ect.
and now i am sitting in my bed, i should be working but instead i am waiting for the chocolate cake my mutti is making to be finished, yum, so today has been deliciously dull and boring, but i am hungry now, these pics are taken at lunch (they let us out) and on the train respectivly,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,


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