Wednesday, 10 June 2009

another day in the never ending reel

so today there was a train strike, now i am a fan of the train, and i am incredibly upset, the journey home just wasnt the same, whilst we were waiting a cat came up to us, me and eve have seen this cat many a time, and it is very friendly, it would not get off eve, she was stiff as a board! i had a science exam at school today, i am starting to bore of them, how many exams can one person do!? just awful, so in science today, me kt darling and tarana shark were sent out, it was sooo much fun, the three of us linked arms and did an unconventional square dance in the corrior, out teacher burts out just as kt darling began to strangle me, i am not making this up, and we fought it out, when she said (again) that she was going to split us up, i reverted to my trusty old line, you'll never take us alive! an oldie but a goodie!
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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