Sunday, 28 June 2009

27 degree heat, thunder and lightning and a terrential rain fall, all together now....

the title says it all,
yesterday i headed off to the shops with blondie, again, i swear my life will, one day, have more meaning than the topshop stock room, but until then i am happy as i am, on our arrival home a spider was discovered all too near to my bed, i thought that i was a gonner, my father who was in the front garden, could hear my screams from my room, i screamed for blondie to get rid of it, so scared she was of hurting it, that it took me 20 minuets of persuading before i said
"if you get rid of the spider i will buy you some baskin robbins"
within 5 seconds the spider was out the window and not a minuet later we were on our way, in the 25 odd degree heat, it was truly sweltering, later that night i was off to babysit for Geri, my hairdresser, who has 3 children, all under 10, it was then that the thunder, terrential rain and lightning began, i'm not sure what kind of mood God was in but it really messed with my head, as well as what to wear, i was in flipflops!? i also came to a clever little deal with Geri, and so i think that next time i babysit i get a free, and much needed haircut instead of payment, fabulous do you not think? now i am off to welcome alex back, for he has been at scout camp all weekend,
until next time my sweethearts,

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