Sunday, 31 May 2009

who says girls cant sleep in the wild??

hello my loyal readers,
well as you may know me, blondie, kt darling and hannah all decided to sleep in a tent in hannahs garden on friday night, sounds pretty simple right?
wrong, we borrowed my little brothers tent which is a two man tent, so there is the first problem as there are four of us, but we made that work, then there is the fact that putting up a tent in 24 degree heat is, surprisingly not as fun as it would seem, then there was the cat, no hannah doesnt have a cat, in fact she and her mother susan are both allergic, however her next door neighbour has a very friendly albino deaf cat that hannah and john, her brother, have named snowdrop as it is astonishinly white, this cat has been known to get into the house and stroll into hannahs bedroom, they now have stopped trying to prevent it, this cat stalked our tent, now it was dark, we did not have a light, thats girls for you, unprepared, so when something started to hit the side of our tent, you can emagine, four girls, a bit hyper, pitch black, not a good mix, so here we all are screaming to the heavans when hannah decides to check it out and discovers, to reactions of mixed delight and horror, that the albino cat has been hitting the shadows we had been making in the tent in an effort to get in so hannah, pciked up the cat and brought it into our two man tent and gave it to me and kt darling who were the furthest away from her, and the albino cat spent a little while keeping us entertained before leaving, it was so much fun, we were a little stiff in the morning, the tent was cramped to say the least, but it was one of the most fantasticly brilliant nights i have had in a whole week!
until tomorrow my darlings,


Clarisa said...

wow!was it fun?

madsta said...

hiya! yeah it was soooo much fun!

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