Friday, 15 May 2009


as you may have gathered from my rather unimaginative title today has been one of those days, everything has and did, go wrong today, just everything, revising, fighting, arguing, thank goodness i have my guiding lights blondie and kt darling to console me with phonecalls, thankyou girls, i am thankful for this blogging outlet however i must admit if you have made it this far down the post with out buggerin' off down the pub for a stiff drink as those of a higher interlect will i am sure have done, that i am incredibly bored and annoyed and frankly, have nothing to blog about, and so as i have nothing to say or tell you i will leave you until tomorrow with a picture of me, my mutti and brother, taken on tuesday and with hopes that i will have something ever so slightly more interesting to tell you next time,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,


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