Saturday, 2 May 2009

update and babysitting!

hiya my luvlies,
long time no see i think?
sorry for my long unexplained absense of three days i have been so riiculously busy i have barely had time to breathe letalone think and blog! scool as usual and then i had a big night last night at my dear friend hannahs house, her parents have gone away and so we had a free house and so hannah, kt darling, blondie and myself all got together to 'rave' at hannahs, we had such fun but unfortuatly that meant we got no sleep, when i woke up, an hour after falling asleep, i was lying in my clothes on a cold hard laminate floor, my shoulder was very achey to say the least, sorry for the lack of pics today, i am babysitting for my hairdresser geri at the moment, the kids are all in bed, they were very good tonight, which meant i had time to paint my nails with my new hot pink varnish, very nice!
will load up some pics tomorrow,
until then my luvlies,


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