Wednesday, 13 May 2009

olivia is 17! happy birhday!

yesterday my sister olivia turned 17 years old! i gave her my present which apart from the banana yellow jumper her friend sally gave her, was her best present so far as she is getting driving lessons, it was a grey monopoly t-shirt, really cool, and some undies, she loved them! i am a good present giver! when we all got in from school her friend sally came over and we got an indian takeaway, yummy! we had some pink coloured fizzy stuff and toasted my dearest oli so happy birthday oli!
coensiding with olivia's birthday was the 1 month anniversary of the beguinning of my blog! i began it on the 12th april and olivia and the blogs day was the 12th may! it feels like i have been a blogger forever and i shall be.
until tonight my sweethearts,

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