Saturday, 9 May 2009

off to the shops with my farm girl blondie

hello my luvlies,
well today i had the fabulous job of filling out a gazillion page passport form, i am off to paris in july and obviously need a passport, we had just finished filling out the ginormous form and headed to the post office when they told us we needed a full birth certificate, which we didnt have, so i am getting one on monday and just hoping i get it in time! finger crossed my luvlies, do you promise? lets call it a deal. after that my dad dropped me off at blondies farm, yes, sweet, beautiful blondie is a farm girl, must be all the country air that makes her so gorgeous, i am thinking of taking up that method of beautification, who's with me? dearest blondie and i lay around for a bit and then headed off to the shops, blondie of course was quick to update her clothes addiction with a new pair of leggings and a crazy, sexy, cool, t-shirt, its words not mine and i spent my entire weeks £20 pounds allowance and more on my dear sister oli as it is her birthday on tuesday, she is going to be 17! however i will not be telling you what i got her until tuesday on the offchance she has a sneeky peak at my darling blog, my father hyjacked me and dragged me to take our dog, panda for a quick walk in the woods, i was not best pleased, my mutti is off to a party this evening looking beautiful, as always so my father is "camping" in a tent in the lounge with eve and alex watching britains got talent, how darling.
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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