Thursday, 7 May 2009

my poor little big toe

well today school, revision, very boring right?? yes, however it was also, unexpectedly painful, we had a supply teacher in science and gosh was he gorgeous, you know how everyone always says their mouth was hanging open, well literally when we saw him that was what happened, we were speachless, he is gods gift to mankind, so we spent the whole lesson, giggling and looking at him, until i was shifting my chair over to kt darling and put the leg of the stool down on my foot, the other leg was cought on my bag so i couldnt get it off, it was directly on my big toe, and boy did that little bugger hurt, still does, that is a whole lot of pressure to put on one little big toe, so apart from my chatastrofic accident with my little big toe, and a horrific argument with my sister and father about who's turn it was to make the lunches, i knew, and my sister knew it was her turn, they can scream as much as they want, to put it strongly but simply, hell will freeze over before i make those lunches, might sound a bit fierce but forgive me for wanting to revise for my RE exam tomorrow morning, selfish of me indeed, so apart from that it has been a simple dull, and terrifying day as the prospect of upcoming exams loom, i will leave you with a picture done in ICT by kt darling, left, tarana, middle, me madsta, right kt darling,

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