Wednesday, 20 May 2009

my kt darling

tomorrow my kt darling turnes 15,
how i love her
today we did, bugger all, pretended to listen in lessons, particularly science where the scary looking shot of kt darling was taken whilst she was sitting under the desk,
we fooled around doing nothing, and gosh do we love to do that, blondie accompanied us on our journey round school being weird accasionly providing water, cheers blondie,
tarana shark, the weird ginger one often seen on this blog was encouraging our weirdness throughout science, on our way out our teacher said to us "i'm going to split you girls up next lesson" she was reffering to me, kt darling and tarana shark, my reply, cackled, "you'll never take us alive!" oh yes, i said it, such hilarity i am truly a gift to you all,
well until tomorrow my sweethearts, i must converse with my kt darling,

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