Saturday, 23 May 2009

kt darlings birthday gathering

i am going to show you, but here it is in very small delectable words, we got to kt darlings house and ate a lot of food, we went on the trampoline and blondie rather absent mindedly left her satin dollyshoes in the way of their monstrous huge but lovely dog ben, who we chased round the garden for 5 minutes with them in his mouth, then we set of on a long journey to the park, opposite her house, indeed i am hilarious, it was so much fun, and the swing seat we went on had me feeling a whole bit sick, not one of my more austere moments, then we went back to the house and got ready to go and see fighting, at the cinema, we helped kt darling decide what to wear, which was no easy feat as going into her wardrobe is like going into narnia, except its unlikely you will ever get out alive, the film, what can i say, channing tatum is a god, if you dont know who he is google him, but go to google images and prepare to dribble, then we went back to kt darlings house and ate a whole lot more food and promptly fell asleep, we all arrived home safely at midday today with the help of blondies mum and her car, it was fabulous,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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