Wednesday, 13 May 2009

i'm back!

sorry i have been away for three days, there are, i promise reasons, firstly the internet on my computor freezes over and so i cant get to my luvlies over here in blog world, secondly i havent had time! i have had exams all week, i have had 4 so far this week, and i did them on monday and tuesday, i had, english first thing monday morning for two hours, then 20 minutes later i had a 45 minuet written PE exam, and after lunch i had a 1 hour and 15 minuet maths exam and then yesterday morning i was lucky enough to have an hour and a half history exam, i am going to divulge to you now that, i dont think i did that well! ahh well, pray for me, do you promise? lets call it a deal.
see you soon my sweethearts,


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