Thursday, 21 May 2009

happy 15th my kt darling

today my kt darling turned 15 years young,
how i love you kt darling
here are some things that make me love you,
you are gorgeous
you always smile
your very annoying
you are selfless
you are generous (thanks for the bronzer and cupcake today!)
you are incredibly and delightfully funny
you dont know how amazing you are
so kt darling there you have it reasons why i love you
i cant wait until tomorrow my gorgouse, see you there i hope!
so apart from celebrating my kt darling here is what i need to say
when we got to school today my kt darling had a giant giant cupcake which )pictured, it is the same one) we shared throughout the day,
we had a luvly day celebrating my loved ones birthday and then when i got home my sister came round with sally and a friend i havent met before with her baby girl called millie, she was 5 months old and soo gorgeous, she was a sweetie,
the second my mutti saw her she picked her up and i kid you not did not put her down until she had to leave, just gorgeous,
until tomorrow my sweethearts,

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