Thursday, 14 May 2009


evnin' my luvlies
today someone was frowning on me from up there, how do i know this? i had a GCSE biology examination, fantastic, it did, despite my " forgetting" aka not bothering to revise, go rather well i think, however this could have just jinxed my chances and i could fail, but i am willing to take that risk to keep my bloggers informed, out of my three sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics biology is my strongest so keep your fingers crossed! i also got the results back for my mock RE exam last week and i got a C which is very reasnable for a year 10 so i am pleased, hmm, what else happened in my day? i ate a yum yum and took a load of pictures of my darlings in science, the one of just me was taken au natural about 2 minuets after i woke up
well until tomorrow my sweethearts,

1 comment:

Zoe(: said...

Babe, good luck with your GCSE and all the results and shizzle ting.

Missing you loadsss.

Zoe x

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