Wednesday, 6 May 2009

congrats oli!

well today there is ever so slightly more news in my life, marginally, my sister oli, to be devastatingly harsh, lost her election to be head girl at st joan of arc secondary school, she was however offered the chance to be a prefect, which she now is, and she even gets a prefect badge, fabulous, well done oli! as well as that i was taken off report! it is sort of a monitoring system for bad children, and i have been on it since january, not fun, however i would like to point out to any family members reading this, i was on it for my chatty demeanor and occasional misplaced/undone homework, which is basically...not that bad?! i would like to use this blog to declare that i, madeline rose fara stimpson am not a nightmare to teach, often, and am very nice, as well as that thrilling news i read another chapter of harry potter, and took a pretty picture for you, not much else to report to you as usual nowerdays,
until tomorrow my luvlies,

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