Monday, 4 May 2009

alex's holy communion

yesterday my brother alex made his first holy communion at the sacred heart church in ruislip, along with his friends, now you must first understand that alex is absaloutly apposed to sitting, standing and being quiet, anything that doesnt involve being hyped up on sugar, so being in church for 2-3 hours was noeasy feat, my favourite moments were when all the children were gathered on the altar for the congregation to see and alex started makeing 'eye see you' gestures with his fingers to me, or when all the family went up with him to make his communion and as i watched his face when he took the wine, well, i seriously thought he was going to spit it out all over the priest, he was thinking about it but thankfully alex managed to make his first holy communion without a hitch, when we got back to the house the food came out and about 100,000 people piled in and spread out over the house and garden, of course hannah, blondie and kt darling came and were fabulous, but as the day sank into evening i left them for a while, to sit next to my mother in my sleep deprived state, when i found them again they were playing battleships in the living room with alex,
it was a brilliant day and alex is planning to buy an ipod or a DS light with his generous communion money, so its been great, now please excuse me as i need to sleep a bit more, i have exams this week and a weekend almost totally without sleep was in hindsight, not such a brilliant idea, until tomorrow, i will leave you with a few hundred photos


Zoe(: said...

Your dress is GORGEOUS hun! And I'm glad you had a good day :) Sorry for leaving without saying g'bye properly...
I miss you! :(
Zoe x

madsta said...

miss you too! u have to come back, or we should email!

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