Wednesday, 29 April 2009

R.I.P frankie

today my brother alex got two new pets, when i arrived home from school alex informed methat he now had a pet woodlouse called bernie, if you dont know what a woodlouce is then......go and look under a rock? he had found bernie at school and had carried him around with him all day and in the car on the way home before managing to get him through the door and into a big tin, in the tin (pictured) he placed a leaf, a green plastic tree, a plastic toy and a stick, he then put bernie in, as you do, however after deciding that you cant just have one woodlouce you have to have two, he headed off into the garden and looked under a rock to discover frankie, his second woodlouce which was brown, he was christned frankie the brown woodlouce ( alex asked me what to call him, i said frankie, so the name is my genius invention!) however frankie could not cope with the shock of his new surroundings (that and my brother prodding him to see if he was "awake yet") frankie the brown woodlouce died at 8:29 this evening, rest in peace frankie, however moving on to a slightly less morbid subject i got my passport photo today for my trip to paris in july, i, of course, look like i have had a mugshot taken, its a cross between that or an ex-con, and i get to keep that picture for 5 years, oh joy, today was cute and funny, kt darling was set upon by charlie in form time and if i had videoed what he did to her hair it would have been a number one hit on youtube, unfortunatly i only had time to take a picture, and alex got his suit for his first holy communion on sunday, just gorgeous!
until tomorrow my luvlies

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