Tuesday, 14 April 2009

a promising start??

today started off with promise, i woke at about 10 as i am on the easter holidays, however it soon became apparent that their was something in the air and my mother promptly announced we were to have a clear out, bugger. there were scenes of devastation as she began to pull out almost the entire contents of my brothers room, it is a small room so there was much shock at what came out of it, our generous landing was filled with bags and boxes and rubbish and toys,
it is fair to say i have made the assumption that alex will be a hoarder, however then the attention turned to my own room, a terrifyingly unsteady terrain of bags, shoes, litter and plates and glases followed, then my mother handed my sister and i two baskets of washing to put away, needless to say i left them for my sister to do, i shall have to pray extra hard tonight, she is a nice sister really, we finished about an hour ago and had been working since about two o'clock, my mum is a tidy person so really tries not to look into our rooms too often, i find mess creative, have just spent 20 minutes eating the last of my easter egg and am now very pleased with myself at having such a tidy bedroom, however we do clearouts like this every couple of months and each time we have managed to mount up just as much mess as before, this time i have vowed to keep it tidy, but i do say that every time........ this evening i plan on doing.........nothing? yep nothing but tomorrow i have to get out of this house so will be letting you know if my bid for freedom works

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