Thursday, 16 April 2009

oxford street shopping!

hello my fellow human beens,
today i headed out to oxford street with a couple of my besties, trish (the blonde one seen above) and nadine, she's gorgeous, all you need to know, we are regulars on the oxford street cobbles and headed into our favourite shopping abode, topshop, i bought a gorgeous if slightly overpriced tribal style belt for £30, however i have been informed that topshop belts last forever so i am thinking of it as an investment, and i bought it with the birthday money i recieved from my grandparents three weeks ago so its fair game.
i was searching for a dress for my dear friend becca's confirmation next saturday, all my pint sized friends are wearing sky high heels and i am fully prepared to go in flats, i love shoes, but not only am i just tall enough to brush the lines of drag queen hight in the ones my friends propose i wear, but when there are a gorgeous pair of pink cut out brouge flatties calling my name that will be worn until they go bald is it worth it?
i wanted a gorgeous 40's style flower tea dress but did they have my size? did they heck! i am going to fight to the death for it so if your on your way to buy it, watch out! i have just recieved a gorgeously chocolate easter egg from trish so thanks!
if you have seen my dress, return it too me
if you see my dress, try it on, look at it, return it but whatever you do dont buy it!

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